Food Safety

Iowa Premium is committed to be the leading provider of safe, premium quality Angus beef products. Our goal is to exceed regulatory standards along with customers’ expectations.

Located in Tama, Iowa, our facility operates under an approved HACCP program. Mandated by the USDA food safety regulations, HACCP is recognized worldwide as the best systematic approach to the production and distribution of safe food. Our HACCP system outlines the process steps, policies and procedures, from live cattle receiving, through slaughter and fabrication, to shipment of products to our customers.

In addition, our HACCP system incorporates a multiple hurdle model of validated interventions. These include a pre-evisceration water wash cabinet, organic acid applications and a hot water carcass wash system followed by a state-of-the-art cold chain management system.

Iowa Premium’s HACCP system is not a stand-alone practice, but a foundation of a complete food safety program.  It is supported by prerequisite programs including but not limited to Animal Welfare and Humane Handling, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs), control of Specified Risk Materials (SRMs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the Alchemy Training module program.

A third party ISO-certified laboratory performs independent microbiological testing.  As well, a third party auditing company conducts food safety related audits.

The Iowa Premium facility is approved by the USDA AMS Export Verification (EV) programs to export products to countries requiring an EV program.

Our products are certified Angus by USDA AMS grading under the USDA approved G1 grading schedule and an approved AMS Grade Labeling program.

At Iowa Premium, food safety is everyone’s responsibility. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone, from owners, management, and plant personnel, is adequately informed to facilitate their participation and contribution to this goal. 

Our plant personnel is our most valued asset. We have established an exceptional team of food safety professionals, all dedicated to provide training and support to employees enabling them to successfully meet and exceed food safety standards while striving for continuous improvement.

Mikel Gager

Director of Food Safety


Iowa Premium, LLC food safety documents are available by clicking the link below.  

Food Safety Documents