Cattle Procurement

Iowa Premium wants to partner with farm families who share our commitment to cattle quality, proper animal care and sustainability.


If you are interested in learning more about Iowa Premium, please contact a member of cattle procurement team.

Iowa Premium:

Phone: 1-484-2220
Fax:  641-484-7485


Head Cattle Buyer

Tim Sweeney

Office: 641-484-7480
Cell: 641-481-5476


Northwest Iowa

Jake Johnson


North Central Iowa

Tom Lattimore




Eastern Iowa

Wayne Ruen



Central Southwest Iowa

Ryan Minnehan


Central Iowa

Austin Nichols


Eastern Iowa and Illinois

Tyler Klimesh


Cattle Scheduling

Cinthia Westerman

Office: 641-484-7481
Cell: 641-750-7037

PLEASE NOTE: BQA certification forms can be faxed to 641-484-7485 or emailed to Cinthia Westerman or to Tim Sweeney.


Ideal cattle type:


  • Raised and finished in the U.S.A. 
  • Raised by a family farm operation
  • Black and black baldy Angus cattle
  • Fed a corn-based finishing diet              
  • ‘A’ Maturity cattle; 30 months of age and younger
  • Steers and/or Heifers 
  • Prefer moderate framed cattle
    • Hot Carcass Weight (HCW) of 1,050 lbs. or less  
  • Moderately thick or thicker muscling
    • Ribeye (REA) between 10.0-16.0 in²
  • Carcass characteristics
    • Cattle that consistently grade 85% Choice and higher
    • Fine to medium marbling texture
    • Visually appealing beef 
      • No dark cutters
      • Practically free of capillary rupture
  • Minimal cattle haul length
  • Raised in accordance Beef Quality Assurance guidelines
  • Additional requirements
    • No dairy influence 
    • No Brahman influence; maximum 2” hump height
    • No bulls, stags, heiferettes or cows
    • No cripple or non-ambulatory cattle

Cattle must be in compliance with the FDA’s ban on feeding mammalian protein.  In addition, chicken litter cannot be fed in any feed ration.