A legacy of exceptional beef

High-quality Black Angus beef supported by the expertise and resources of National Beef

Iowa Premium® became part of the National Beef family in 2019. Located in Tama, Iowa, in the heart of corn and cattle country, Iowa Premium procures and processes only corn-fed, Black Angus cattle hand-selected from family farms in Iowa and neighboring states. We specialize in USDA Choice and Prime grade beef and offer a full line of boxed beef products and by-products for domestic and international customers.

It is currently a single-shift, slaughter-to-fabrication facility that processes 1,200 head of cattle daily and employees 850 people. Plans are underway to expand processing at the plant to include a second shift. The procurement, fabrication, boxing and fulfillment processes that make Iowa Premium unique will remain the same.

We are a community-oriented company and work hard to positively impact the people and communities we live and work in. We continually seek ways to conserve and protect our natural resources. Our belief is that we’re setting the standard and that all – our employees, farm partners, customers, and local and global communities – will benefit. 

Tim Klein
President and CEO, National Beef

"Thirty years ago, we started National Beef with a vision of being the best. Hiring the best employees to produce the highest quality products for our customers. Iowa Premium, with its focus on premium beef from premium Angus cattle, reflects that vision. It’s an important part of our business today and in the future."