Premium Family Raised
Corn-Fed Black Angus Beef


Iowa Premium exclusively specializes in premium family-farm raised corn-fed black Angus beef.  Located in the heart of the Midwest, Iowa has been devoted to raising and growing food for generations.  We procure cattle from family farm-feeders as close to our Tama, Iowa plant as possible.

Iowa Premium advocates humane and compassionate treatment of animals.  From our farm partners to every phase of processing, our cattle are treated with the utmost dignity, respect, and compassion.

Our premium line of beef offers more than exceptional quality...we share how our beef is responsibly and sustainably raised and processed.

Our Beef Comes from Families


Our story begins with families. The family farm-feeders that raise our cattle and grow the crops that feed them as well as the family of employees at Iowa Premium that select, trim and package our beef. Together, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality beef in the country.

The family farm is a farmer’s legacy. It is a family commitment that is handed down and improved upon from generation to generation. The intricacies of tending the land and caring for livestock are passed from parents to children. 

Our farmers grow the corn they feed their cattle thus the name farmer-feeders. Corn and cattle are a sustainable combination. Cattle eat corn and in turn cattle manure adds nutrients back to the soil to grow corn.

Our goal is to procure cattle as close to our plant as possible as the short-haul reduces the amount of stress on cattle. A rich source of high quality cattle is located within a 150 mile radius of our facility located in Tama, Iowa.  

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Hand-Selected to Ensure Flavorful, Tender Beef



Our team hand-selects only corn-fed black Angus beef cattle that exhibit superior quality characteristics.

Angus cattle have a proven track record of yielding beef with more marbling. Marbling, the flecks of fat within the meat, directly result in beef with exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness – all leading factors in a remarkable eating experience.

Our beef comes from cattle that have grazed on pastures for the majority of their lives then finished on a nutritionally balanced, locally-sourced corn-based diet. Corn imparts a distinctive flavor unmatched by any other grain or feed stuff.

Animal care is an obligation, not an option


We believe premium beef begins with premium care. Farmers provide daily care for their cattle because the safety, security and comfort of their animals is their top priority.

Iowa Premium advocates humane and compassionate treatment begins with the belief that proper care, handling and nutrition for cattle is an obligation, not an option.

Iowa Premium does not tolerate the willful mistreatment of cattle such as knowingly inflicting physical injury or unnecessary pain. Animals must be handled with care and in a manner that imposes the minimum possible stress on the animals.

The Cattle Care & Handling Guidelines, created and coordinated by the Beef Checkoff funded Beef Quality Assurance program, outlines proper management, nutrition, health care, shelter and handling procedures we request our farm-feeders to adhere to.

One Plant, One Team with One Focus - To Supply Premium Beef

Iowa Premium’s newly renovated facility incorporates the latest technologies and interventions for food safety, quality assurance and environmental excellence.

Product integrity, freshness and shelf-life are enhanced by our state-of-the art cold-chain management system.

With only one plant, we have only one-set of skilled butchers that trim the same way every day.

Everyday Stewards

Farmers have a personal stake in the quality of our environment. It is not just where they raise cattle, it’s also where they raise their families.

Farmers continually look for ways to improve the air, land and water as they strive to leave the land in better condition for the next generation. Conservation practices such as soil testing, pasture management and minimum and contour tillage are a few of the practices farmers institute to protect and enhance the land.

At Iowa Premium, protecting the environment is as important to us as it is to you. We track our water and energy usage, established a recycling program and invested in a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system in an effort to have the smallest possible environmental impact and to protect our natural resources.