Distinguish Yourself from the Competition
with Iowa Premium

Iowa Premium exclusively offers premium family farm raised corn-fed Black Angus beef.  We specialize in USDA Choice and USDA Prime grade beef cuts for domestic and international customers.  We are an approved supplier of the Certified Angus Beef® brand.  

We offer a full line of premium offals for domestic and international markets.

Iowa Premium Offers Consistency and Confidence 

Iowa Premium offers a superior product with a defining difference – the confidence of where and how your beef has been responsibly and sustainably raised and processed.  

Our strategic location in America’s heartland provides access to a rich source of cattle that meet our stringent requirements. We procure cattle from family farm-feeders as close to our Tama, Iowa plant as possible.  

Our Midwest plant only slaughters and processes cattle that are of Black Angus genetics, fed a nutritionally balanced corn-based diet, and raised by family farmers who share our belief that proper cattle care and handling is an obligation, not an option.