Iowa Premium Angus

Iowa Premium Angus begins with the finest Black Angus cattle raised by family farm-feeders in the upper Midwest. Iowa and its neighboring states pride themselves as producing premium, well-marbled beef whose flavor is preferred by consumers around the globe.

Cattle graze on rolling green pastures and are finished on a nutritionally balanced diet that includes locally sourced corn and forages. Corn imparts a rich, distinctive flavor unmatched by any other grain or feedstuff.

Our team hand-selects corn-fed Black Angus cattle that exhibit superior quality characteristics, yielding a remarkable eating experience.

  • Raised, grown in the USA by family farmers
  • Only black hided and black baldy cattle with strong Angus influence
  • Outstanding carcass quality characteristics    
    • High quality marbling
    • Fine to medium marbling texture
    • Visually appealing beef         
      • No dark cutters
      • Practically free of capillary rupture
  • “A” maturity – cattle younger than 30 months of age
  • Fed a locally source, nutritionally balanced corn-based diet for exceptional flavor
  • Moderately to thicker muscled cattle
  • NO dairy or Brahman influence cattle
  • Cattle humanely raised and handled in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Beef Quality Assurance program