Est. 8 Angus™

Est. 8 Angus™ is an industry-leading, upper-two-thirds, Black Angus Choice-grade brand in the country.  Remarkable marbling, superior quality and the rich flavor only corn-fed beef can deliver is just the beginning to what Est. 8 Angus™ offers.

Est. 8 Angus™ shares the story behind our beef.  The farm families that raise our cattle along with the family of Iowa Premium employees that select, trim and package our beef are dedicated to providing the highest quality beef in the country.

The longstanding family tradition of growing crops and raising cattle go hand in hand in Iowa and the upper Midwest.  Steeped in tradition and with a devotion to their land and livestock, family farmers have been sustainably and responsibly raising cattle for generations. Our farmers are not ranchers, but dedicated farm feeders – not only raising quality cattle, but also the crops – forage and corn – that feed them. The process is natural and renewable: the cattle eat the corn and, in turn, add nutrients back to the soil to grow the corn – continuing the sustainable cycle.

Est. 8 Angus™ offers exceptional quality, uncompromising standards and selection guidelines leading to unparalleled consistency.

To be selected, cattle must meet the following standards:

  • Cattle Characteristics
    • Black and black baldy cattle exhibiting Angus characteristics
    • Moderately thick or thicker muscling
      • No dairy cattle
    • Cattle cannot exhibit a hump height greater than 2 inches
      • No Brahman influence
    • Cattle 30 months of age and younger
  • Carcass Characteristics
    • Upper two-thirds choice and higher marbling
    • Fine to medium marbling texture
    • Visually appealing beef
      • No dark cutters
      • Practically free of capillary rupture