Iowa Premium’s Standards Lead to Beef Unmatched in Quality, Consistency and Confidence

Surrounded by farm fields and high quality cattle, Iowa Premium is located in Tama, Iowa, the heart of traditional cattle feeding. We select corn-fed Black Angus beef raised on family farms in Iowa and neighboring Midwest states.

We specialize in USDA Choice and USDA Prime grade beef. We offer a full line of boxed beef products and offals for domestic and international markets.

Iowa Premium has two premier Black Angus beef brands. Iowa Premium Angus is available in USDA Choice grade or for an extraordinary eating experience try our USDA Prime. Est. 8 Angus™ is a USDA certified upper two-thirds Choice grade brand.



To maximize marbling and flavor, Iowa Premium hand-selects only corn-fed Black Angus beef cattle that exhibit superior quality characteristics. This along with the attention to cattle care and comfort provided by farm families leads to high quality beef.


Consistent flavor and tenderness across the carcass and throughout all the marbling grades is linked to our single source facility dedicated to processing one type of beef - family farm-raised, corn-fed Black Angus.


Iowa Premium’s quality and consistency is enriched by the confidence of knowing where and how your beef has been raised and processed. By raising cattle respectfully, running facilities responsibly and maintaining land sustainably, we believe we’re setting the standard – for the betterment of our employees, our customers, our farm partners and our local and global communities.

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Sales Contact

Matt and Michele Anderson
Owners, Rube's Steakhouse

"We have been serving Iowa Premium beef at our steakhouse for close to two years. Due to our high standards and solid reputation, we were nervous to make the switch, but we are so glad we did! The steaks always meet or exceed our expectations. This consistency in quality, taste and texture is important to us, and we get compliments nightly from our customers that they just ate the best steak they've ever had. We are also proud to support local family farms by serving their delicious beef in our restaurants. Iowa Premium is always friendly and professional to work with. We are very happy customers and appreciate the relationship we have with them."