Exceptional Quality, Extraordinary Flavor

Est. 8 Angus® is named as homage to our facility’s USDA establishment number – EST. 8. It is a tribute to the heritage, tradition and passion to produce premium beef.

The legacy of raising cattle and growing crops go hand-in-hand in Iowa and the Upper Midwest. Generations of farmers have had the steadfast conviction to nurture their land and care for their livestock. It is the foundation for the remarkable marbling, superior quality and rich flavor of the Est. 8 Angus™ brand.

Iowa Premium takes great pride in our role of crafting premium beef. We have a skilled team of butchers that expertly hand-trim every piece of beef. We hand-pack and inspect all of our boxes providing extra attention to the details of delivering a superior product.

Exclusively available from Iowa Premium, Est. 8 Angus®, is an industry-leading, upper-two-thirds, Black Angus Choice-grade USDA certified brand.

To be selected, cattle must meet the following standards:

Est. 8 Angus® cattle selection standards:

  • Raised by farm families in Iowa and neighboring upper Midwest states
  • Black and black baldy Angus for superior marbling
  • Corn-fed for exceptional flavor
  • Raised and finished in the USA

    Est. 8 Angus® USDA Certified Quality Standards:
  • Modest or higher marbling for flavorful, juicy beef
  • Medium to fine marbling texture for consistent flavor
  • A maturity; 30 months of less of age for outstanding color and tenderness
  • Ribeye area between 10-16 square inches
  • Visually appealing beef
    • No dark cutters
    • Practically free of capillary rupture
  • No dairy breed influence for superior muscling
  • No Brahman breed influence for consistent tenderness